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Samuel Gompers High School was founded in 1936. The The School was named after the nationally known Labor and Civic Leader Samuel Gompers.  We hold fast to our Mission Statement, which is to provide the means for intellectual, ethical, social and technical growth in our students.  Gompers strives to build an appreciation for cultural and ethnic diversity and to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students. 

The Samuel Gompers Career & Technical Education High School community is committed to providing the means for intellectual, ethical, social, and technological growth.  We strive to build an appreciation for cultural and ethnic diversity, and to nurture a lifelong love of learning. 

We believe that, by fostering these values, each student will become a productive participant in our democratic society and the global community. 

Samuel Gompers Career and Technical Education High School offers a variety of courses. Courses are offered at different levels in order to meet the academic needs of the individual student. Students are required to study four years of math, English and social studies; three years of a modern language and science; and a year of art, music and health education. There are elective courses in junior and senior years.We recently opened our new state of the art science classes complete with new laboratories and scientific equipment. Our science courses include Regents courses in biology, earth science, chemistry and physics. Foreign Language offering includes Spanish. Math courses include Regents, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus.

Students requiring Specialized Services may receive them during the school day based upon their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). We have Educational Paraprofessionals and Speech Therapist. We are handicap-accessible as well.

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